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 A Place to Call Home 
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Nostoi is a title of a greek literature telling the tales of heroes returning home after the Trojan war. The word Nostoi itself is derived from Nostos (νόστος), meaning "homecoming" or “return home”.

In this modern time, carrying the name NOSTOI, we hope to be a place that embodies the very sense of coming home. At the end of the day, nothing beats the feeling of being able to return from our own battles to a place that we can call home. Our mission is to provide sanctuary for those who seek to find comfort in their own personal space.




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Central Business District

We are located a stone's throw from the CBD, providing quick access to handle all essential business matters

Major Shopping Centres


Close proximity to Jakarta's top shopping centres such as Plaza Indonesia, Grand Indonesia, Lotte Shopping Avenue, Pacific Place

Rooftop Lounge

Soak in a captivating night view of Jakarta from a different perspective at our very own NORU

(NORU will open its door to customers in 2020)

Food Center


Setiabudi One is one of our top choices to grab a bite. With endless variety of cuisine and price range, you will never run out of options. (10 min walking distance)

Dining & Nightlife


Senopati area, the city's hottest spot for the ultimate lifestyle experience is right next door 

Public Transport


Easy access to MRT station (Setiabudi Astra Station with entrance from Chase Plaza) and several bus stops

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